Missing Info

It is a good idea to check your contacts' information to make sure you have completed those fields.  You never know when you may see a new product that makes you think of a particular customer or a promotion you know a special recruit would really get excited about.  You may want to call, email or mail them.  Make sure you have all their information.

First, click "Reports," then, "Missing Info" under the "Contacts" heading.

Next, check the boxes next to the missing information you are looking for.  You can check as many boxes as you'd like.  For example, if you want to see all your contacts that you don't have birthday information on, check the "Birthdays" box.  Then, click "Generate Report."


Now, you can print this report so you can contact those for whom you are missing this information.  If you want to start over, just click "Report Options."

Calling customers for missing information is a great excuse to make contact with the.  You could call and let them know you are updating their information and would love to put them on your birthday list...and "Oh by the way, how are you doing on your (enter product they might need to reorder)?  I'd love to bring you some more!"

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