Borrowing product from another consultant

Sometimes it is necessary to Borrow product with another consultant.  This action can be tracked by Consultant Office.

First, click "Inventory," then, "Adjustments."

Now click "Add Adjustment."

A window will appear in the center of your screen.  Enter in the information you need 

to complete this window.  For this case, let's use "Borrow" for the adjustment type.  

Make your description something that makes sense to you and choose the date and 

"contact."  You may not have your sister consultant in your contacts list.  If this is the 

case, just click "New Contact" and add her information there.  Click Save.

Now begin to fill in the product number/s and quantities. 

When you have the items set as you wish click "Apply Borrow."  You could also "Save 

Draft" and come back to it later or trash it if you don't want to keep it.

You will be given a receipt that looks like this one.  You can print it if you would like.  If 

you decide you need to edit it, just click "Revert to draft."

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