How do I track my mileage?

First, Click on the "Money" button.  Then click "Mileage."

Next, if you don't already have a vehicle added, let's do that now. Click "Add Vehicle."   

Now, fill in the field with the kind of vehicle you have.  You can

call it anything, just so you know which one it is.

You'll be driving places for your business, so whenever you do 

be sure to keep track of your miles.  You can do that by clicking 

the "Money" button.  Then, click "Mileage."  Does this sound


This time, just click "Add Mileage."  

Fill in all the fields.  The "Reason" is the reason you were 

driving.  Where did you go?

Don't forget to click "Save."

Look at you, tracking your business like a pro!

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