Loaning product to another consultant

Sometimes it is necessary to loan product to another consultant.  Those transactions can be saved in Consultant Office.

First, click "Inventory," then "Adjustments."

Now, click "Add Adjustment."

A box will appear in the center of your screen.  Fill in the appropriate information.

Choose "Loan" as your adjustment type.  The description should be something that is 

relevant to you.  If you don't have the particular contact already saved, you can click 

"New Contact" and save her information here.  

Now enter product information.  Notice that the total is a negative number.  You will 

need to do another product adjustment when the item is returned.  You will call that

adjustment "other" and enter return in the description.  When you are done entering

information, click "Apply Loan."

You will be given a receipt like this one.  If you decide you need to change something,

click "Revert to Draft."  You can print this for your records if you would like.