How to Assemble a Set

Sometimes it is helpful to assemble a set.  This might be a custom set, like a holiday basket or a set that is already available to be purchased, but you bought the items individually.  

To assemble a set that you have not purchased before:

First click "Inventory."  Then be sure to be in the "Browser and Search" section.  

Next, you are going to have to make a choice. 

If it is a existing set, simply search for the product in the catalog.  Be sure to UNcheck the box that says "Only Show on hand."  You can 

either press enter, or the little magnifying glass to begin the search.

Once  you find the product, click on it's part  number.  

Now, click "Breakup/Assemble Set"

This window will appear.  Choose "Assemble," type a number for  how many sets you want to assemble. Then, after

checking to be sure those are the products you'd like to bundle, click save.  Those products will show one less (or 

whatever number is appropriate for the set you are assembling)  after you click save, but will be assigned to the

assembled set.

After you save the the set, you will have a message like this at the bottom of the 

screen you are returned to.  This serves as a record of your transaction.

You have successfully assembled an existing set!  Now, lets look at how to assemble a custom set.  

Start the same way, by clicking the inventory tab.  After you are in the inventory section.  Click the "Add Product" 

button, then click "Single Product."

Give the set a name an assign a part number of your choice, something that isn't currently being used.  

After you fill in all that information click "add contents." 

Start typing in product numbers or names and search for them.  Once you find the part you want

to add click the green circle with a plus sign in it.  This will add it to your set.  When you have all

the parts you want, click done. 

When you have all the products entered as you would like them to be.  Click save.

These parts will be assigned to be part of that set, and no longer their individual part.  This is a 

great way to sell custom gifts that you prepackage.  

(My pricing was just for demonstration purposes, not for actual sales.)

Now you know how to assemble existing and custom sets!

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